Photograph of the CN Tower being struck by lightning. Text reads: Back to the Library, Connect5
Photo by Duncan Rawlinson is licensed under CC-BY-2.0; Photo modified by S. Power

CONNECT5 2023:

Connect5 2023 happened on June 14th. 

Thank you to all presenters, attendees, and sponsors for making it a great event! 

Stay tuned for information on next year's conference.

It’s been a whirlwind few years! 

We’ve returned to campus and reconnected ourselves to our physical spaces. We’ve met challenges head on and built new pathways and programs to support new ideas and modes of learning. We’ve adapted, restructured, rebuilt, and restarted. We’re ready to look forward!

The future of our libraries is exciting. Advancements in technology have changed the way we consume information and academic libraries are poised to play an increasingly important role in the lives of students. Change is upon us and we’re ready!

This year at Connect5 we want to hear about what you’re working towards and how you’re handling change. Let’s celebrate our successes and failures; our willingness to adapt and learn. Let’s think creatively about our evolving roles and share our goals and visions. 

Let’s get back to the library!

Connect5 seeks to strengthen the network between GTA librarians, library technicians and staff at Centennial, George Brown, Humber, Seneca and Sheridan College. Our goals are to share strategies and resources, explore opportunities and challenges, and create a support network among GTA college libraries and staff.